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Square Pillar Solar Bubbler
Buy Square Pillar Solar Bubbler
Water egresses smoothly from the center of the Square Pillar Solar Bubbler’s center and cascades down the side of the stone until it reaches a large, flat basin. The fountains sleek dark lines contrast beautifully with the gray stone to give the fountain its contemporary look. The Square Pillar Solar Bubbler’s Memory Function will automatically turn the pump on at the same time every day. With no need for an electrical outlet, this fountain can be placed virtually anywhere!Material: Painted ResinMeasures 34”H x 19.75“SquareWeight: 20.9 lbs.4 LED LightsSolar Powered with Memory Functi... More Details

Small Broken Jar Bubbler
Buy Small Broken Jar Bubbler
The Small Broken Jar Bubbler sets a soothing atmosphere by bubbling water out of the top and letting it run smoothly down the curved sides of the jar. All this is glimpsed through a portion of the jar which has been broken away for your viewing pleasure.Measures 15"L x 16"W x 32"H Weighs 33lbsThis item is made out of Cement and FiberglassCan be placed indoors or outLED LightsPump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation... More Details

Cone Bubbler Fountain
Buy Cone Bubbler Fountain
Cone Bubbler Fountain Simplicity and beauty all wrapped into one make the Cone Bubbler Fountain.  Water bubbles out of the top half sphere and smoothly falls around the ball and into the basin below.  The soothing sound of water bubbling make the Cone Bubbler Fountain the perfect choice for any outdoor area.  Made from a Fiberglass composite material, this lightweight fountain is the perfect choice with its durability of fiberglass. 19.7 inches tall and 16.1 inches in diameter Made from a fiberglass stone composite This set is a complete set and includes the pump Add the Cone ... More Details

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