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Bimba Fountain
Buy Bimba Fountain
The Bimba Fountain features a girl holding a basket looking downward! The detail of this fountain make it a perfect accent for your garden setting, whether set on a patio, or out amongst your beautiful blooms and greens! This fountain is sure to add inspiration, and the soothing sounds of water in motion will create a tranquil and relaxing environment! Bimba Fountain measures 25 inches tall, 15 inches wide, 15 inches long Proudly made in the USA. The Bimba Fountain is available in your choice of many different patinas.Durably constructed of high-quality fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete,... More Details

Jug Boy Fountain
Buy Jug Boy Fountain
This adorably detailed little fellow, sits staring off in dreamland, as his jar empties into the pond below! The Jug Boy Fountain will make a delightful accent to place out amongst a patch of flowers, or in a favorite location of your garden setting! This fountain is sure to bring smiles and add a playful touch to your setting! Jug Boy Fountain measures 28 inches tall, 18 inches wide, 18 inches long Proudly made in the USA. The Jug Boy Fountain is available in your choice of many different patinas. Durably constructed of high-quality fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete, the Jug Boy Fountai... More Details

Putti Fountain
Buy Putti Fountain
Elegant and full of stunning detail, the Putti Fountain will bring a romantical touch to your setting! The ornate detail, from the pinapple finial, to the sweet cherubs, down to the shapely pedestal this fountain is full of sophisticated style and class. Enjoy the soothing and dramatic water display, as it adds a happy and wonderful feature to your garden! Putti Fountain measures 65 inches tall, 31 inches wide, 31 inches long Proudly made in the USA. The Putti Fountain is available in your choice of many different patinas.Durably constructed of high-quality fiber-reinforced cast stone concr... More Details

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