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Small Old Growth Forest Fountain
Buy Small Old Growth Forest Fountain
The Old Growth Forest Fountain features several tree trunks cascading water down onto the forest floor below. The water in the fountain begins its peaceful descent 14Ì´ÌÒ above its final destination, giving it great flow! An LED light at the base of the fountain illuminates the cascading water the full length of its journey. Measures 10"L x 7"W x 14"H Weighs 6lbs This item is made out of Fiberglass Includes LED Lights Can be placed indoors or out Pump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation ... More Details

Boulder Waterfall Fountain
Buy Boulder Waterfall Fountain
The Boulder Waterfall Fountain features 3 small cascading waterfalls, each overflowing from a pond formed between rocks and boulders. This fountain is a beautiful water feature for your indoor or outdoor setting!Measures 15"L x 13"W x 22"H Weighs 23lbsThis item is made out of FiberglassIncludes LED LightsPump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operationCan be placed indoors or outNatural aged bark look... More Details

Medium Rainforest Fountain With LED Lights
Buy Medium Rainforest Fountain With LED Lights
The Medium Rainforest Fountain is crafted from durable fiberglass, made to last, but appearing as decrepit wood. This enchanting fountain will add a stunning focal point to your setting. Water flows from the top of the fountain, in through the crevice to the pool at the bottom. The illumination of the LED lighting creates a magical presence, a truly relaxing and whimsical accent for your landscape! Our fountains provide value pricing, superior craftsmanship, and minimal maintenance. Each includes a UL listed and approved variable speed pump. No plumbing is required, as water recirculates with... More Details

Deep Forest Fountain
Buy Deep Forest Fountain
The Deep Forrest Fountain is as if you peeled back a few layers of bark and peered deep into the trunk of an ancient tree, discovering a beautiful waterfall hidden from the rest of the world. This fountain puts that beauty on display for any guests to your garden landscape, even illuminating its beauty with LED lights. Measures 21"L x 19"W x 39"H Weighs 44lbs This item is made out of resin, stone powder and fiberglass Includes LED Lights Durable and Lightweight Pump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation Look of natural stone and aged bark ... More Details

Cascading Falls Fountain
Buy Cascading Falls Fountain
The Cascading Falls Fountain features 4 LED-illuminated waterfalls gently cascading downward over tree trunks. This fountain is sure to bring tranquility to your garden or patio area!Measures 21"L x 18"W x 38"H Weighs 48lbsThis item is made out of resin, stone powder and fiberglassIncludes LED LightsDurable and LightweightPump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation... More Details

Whitewater Fountain
Buy Whitewater Fountain
The Whitewater Fountain has a waterfall almost everywhere you look! Beginning at the top, the water plummets from pool to pool, creating a soft, foamy surface before tumbling downward yet again. LED lights accentuate the rush of the waterfalls as they make their way to the rock-surrounded pool at the base of the fountain. Let the Whitewater Fountain bring the sights and sound of running water into your garden!Measures 24"L x 20"W x 39"H Weighs 116lbsThis item is made out of resin, stone powder and fiberglassCan be placed indoors or outDurable and LightweightLook of natural stone and aged barkP... More Details

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